American Behavioral Scientist Special Issue

American Behavioral Scientist Special Issue

Fan Controversies

Guest edited by Rebecca Williams and Lucy Bennett

Table of Contents

  1. Editorial: Fan Controversies – Rebecca Williams & Lucy Bennett
  2. Groupies, Fangirls, and Shippers: The Endurance of a Gender Stereotype – Ysabel Gerrard
  3. Campaign Problems: How Fans React to Taylor Swift’s Controversial Political Awakening – Simone Driessen
  4. Can the Celebrity Speak? Controversies and the Eulogistic Fandom of Shah Rukh Khan – Abir Misra
  5. Bigmouth Strikes Again: The Controversies of Morrissey and Cancel Culture – Simone Pereira de Sá & Thiago Pereira Alberto
  6. “The Fans of Michael Jackson v Wade Robson and James Safechuck”: Forensic Fandom and the Staging of a Media Tribunal – Philipp Dominik Keidl
  7. “Hey! Mr Prime Minister!”: The Simpsons Against the Liberal Party, Anti-fandom, and the ‘Politics of Against’ – Renee Barnes & Renee Middlemost
  8. Fans of Q: The Stakes of QAnon’s Functioning as Political Fandom – CarrieLynn Reinhard, David Stanley and Linda Howell

By rebeccawilliamsblog

Senior Lecturer in Media, Culture & Communication Studies at University of South Wales.

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